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  • Review: Old Made New

    Review: Old Made New

    In his book, Old Made New, Greg Lanier gives us a thorough but accessible explanation of how these promises of the OT are fulfilled in Christ, and how the NT writers use the OT to interpret the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

  • Review: A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do)

    Review: A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do)

    In his book, A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do), Sam Storms outlines and reminds us of the 12 things that Christ has already done with our sin! These pages are filled with biblical truths that encourage our hearts and minds with the wonder of the freedom we have received in Christ! Not only does he remind of what Christ has done, but he also encourages our doubtful souls with what he will never do with it.

  • Review: Do you believe?

    Review: Do you believe?

    This is such a wonderful and practical book that will remind you, or introduce you, to the 12 doctrines of the Christian faith and will help you understand how these change your life day to day!

  • Review: Deeper

    Review: Deeper

    In his book, Dane Ortlund explains that as we go deeper into the wonders of the gospel, our hearts and lives are transformed. It’s not about what we do or stop doing, but whom we are fixing our eyes upon. I invite you to pick up this book and ask the Lord to captivate your heart and transform your life.

  • Review: Rediscover Church

    Review: Rediscover Church

    Rediscover Church is such a timely, necessary, and helpful resource to help us understand what is the church, who belongs, how is it supposed to look and why we must be part of a local body of believers. Chapter by chapter, Hansen and Leeman take you through deeply biblical and practical explanations of the role of the church in the life of a believer.

  • Review: Glimmers of Grace

    Review: Glimmers of Grace

    In her book “Glimmers of Grace”, Kathryn Butler, uses her experiences in the hospital to illustrate how to apply the truths about who God is in the middle of suffering.

  • Review: Ten Words to Live By

    Review: Ten Words to Live By

    This book teaches us that the ten commandments encompass so much more than our initial thoughts and reactions to them. Our Lord gave us these commandments to transform us daily to his image and to have us show his love, holiness and compassion towards others day to day.

  • Review: Family Discipleship

    Review: Family Discipleship

    This book will challenge you to rethink your priorities in parenting and set Jesus first! What I loved the most is that it will get you thinking, talking, praying and deciding what is the best way of implementing into your unique stage of life and needs of your children.

  • Review: Everyday Faithfulness

    Review: Everyday Faithfulness

    In Everyday Faithfulness, Glenna takes us through a journey of grace and discipline. Seeking to come to rejoice in His presence daily and with the understanding that we are able to grow in faithfulness, slowly but surely, because of the grace God provides us.

  • Review: A Place to Belong by Megan Hill

    Review: A Place to Belong by Megan Hill

    “A Place to Belong” stirs your heart to love the local and global church as God loves His church. This book renews your commitment to the local church and increase your gratefulness for the local church.