Review: Old Made New

If you ask modern day Christians about their Bible reading habits, the majority of them will tell you that they spend vast amounts, if not all their time, reading the Gospels and the Epistles in the New Testament (NT). In our Christian culture, we often neglect spending time in the Old Testament (OT) because we believe that the OT was for back in the day Israel, and the NT is for us.

But what if the New Testament spends a lot of its time interpreting and applying the Old Testament to our day to day lives in light of all that Christ has done on the cross? Well, I hope this would motivate us to spend time studying, digesting and interpreting the Scriptures of the Old Testament.

These last few months I have been immersed in studying the Old Testament, and I have discovered the beauty concealed within its pages. The story of redemptions, fulfilled in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ is intertwined in every one of its pages. The OT tells us the story of God’s mighty work of redemption, and it ends with the expectation that these promises have yet to find their fulfillment. The NT is the climax of this redemptive story, where Jesus becomes the fulfillment of all the OT promises, images and figures.

Download the Redemptive-Historical Bible Reading Plan here.

In his book, Old Made New, Greg Lanier gives us a thorough but accessible explanation of how these promises of the OT are fulfilled in Christ, and how the NT writers use the OT to interpret the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This book is like nothing I’ve encountered before, his writing captures you from the beginning, and sparks a desire to understand the OT in a way that is applicable to our everyday study of the Word.

Dr. Lanier explains a 3-step method in which he shows you how to identify that a NT author is using OT Scripture, challenges you to stop and explore the Old Testament passage, and then see how it’s “remixed” in the New Testament. He does this by introducing you to this 3-step method and provides plenty of examples of how to use it as he dissects the topics of the Old Testament and the Gospel, Jesus and the Church.

The 3-step method comes with a chart that you can print (and I recommend you do so!) to use with your Bible study.

This book will help you engage with the Word of God in a more meaningful way, and it will transform your mind, heart and soul to love our Lord and Savior.

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Old Made New by Greg Lanier, ©2022.  

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