Review: A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do)

The news of the gospel of Jesus Christ is that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Rom. 5:8)! You and me, fallen creation, can approach a Holy, Holy, Holy God because of what Jesus did on the cross. Upon believing in his saving grace, the bondage of sin is broken, we are set free and are are made new. but the battle against sin does not end there.

The rest of the Christian life is a humbling journey of accepting God’s grace and walking repentance. Christ has set us free from the bondage of sin, but we must die to ourselves and to sin daily. As we fight the sin in our lives, it is easy to forget the redemptive work Christ has done for us on the cross and get burdened down by the weight of sin, when Christ has set us free!

In his book, A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do), Sam Storms outlines and reminds us of the 12 things that Christ has already done with our sin! These pages are filled with biblical truths that encourage our hearts and minds with the wonder of the freedom we have received in Christ! Not only does he remind of what Christ has done, but he also encourages our doubtful souls with what he will never do with it.

This is a must read book! If you are struggling with being weighed down by the guilt of sin, grab this book, read its pages, rejoice in the mercy shown to us in Jesus Christ, and walk in the freedom that he has already won on your behalf! Sin does not have the final say, Jesus has conquered death and sin already!

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from A Dozen Things God Did with Your Sin (And Three Things He’ll Never Do) by Sam Storms, ©2022.  

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