Review: Do you believe?

The majority of us fall in one of two camps: either we obsess over doctrine and are doctrine-smart but lack the application of them into our daily living OR we believe how we live is the most important and that doctrine is only for those in seminary or the pastors. But neither of these are correct approaches, what we believe and our understanding of doctrine impacts the way we live, and it should!! Our doctrine and the way we live come hand in hand!

This is such a wonderful and practical book that will remind you, or introduce you, to the 12 doctrines of the Christian faith and will help you understand how these change your life day to day!

This is a very helpful book for both new believers that want to understand the doctrines that shape the Christian lives and for mature Christians who need to be reminded of the foundations of their faith!

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Do you believe?: 12 Historic Doctrines to Change Your Everyday Life by Paul David Tripp, ©2021.

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