Review: Rediscover Church

Attending church on Sundays has been a regular practice in my life. It has always been a no brainer, what do you do on Sundays? On Sundays you go to church. But COVID-19 quarantines came to change that. We weren’t able to attend church due to the pandemic. Through the time of quarantine, online church and navigating how to return to church (first while pregnant and then with a newborn), my heart began aching to understand God’s intention for designing the church.

Questions about every aspect of church captivated my mind: What is the church? Why does it exist? Who can be part of it? Do I need to be a member? What are the sermons primary goal? What are roles of the pastors? Do we need to attend in person or are virtual services the same thing? Are Sunday services designed for believers or are they the primary means of evangelism?

I knew the Bible called us to be part of a local church, but I lacked an understanding and appreciation for the true design of the church and the importance of it in my life. If you had asked me what was the church or why it was important, I would have not been able to answer clearly or with conviction.

Rediscover Church is such a timely, necessary, and helpful resource to help us understand what is the church, who belongs, how is it supposed to look and why we must be part of a local body of believers. Chapter by chapter, Hansen and Leeman take you through deeply biblical and practical explanations of the role of the church in the life of a believer. His experience, love, passion and dedication to the local church flows from their words and encourages to love the church like Christ loves the church. This book left me with a deeper love, understanding and desire to belong to a local church, and I pray it does the same to you!

“God’s true intention for corporate gathering: to spiritually strengthen members as individuals and the body of Christ” (Hansen & Leeman, 2021).

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Rediscover Church: Why the Body of Christ is Essential by Collin Hansen & Jonathan Leeman, ©2021. 

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