Review: Glimmers of Grace

A few years ago I had a social work internship at our local children’s hospital. For a year I rounded with the doctors and nurses through the floors of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Hematology and Oncology Unit. As you spend time around illness and suffering, it is easy to question God’s goodness or doubt that he is present amidst suffering.

In her book “Glimmers of Grace”, Kathryn Butler, uses her experiences in the hospital to illustrate how to apply the truths about who God is in the middle of suffering. In her narrative she makes the hospital experiences come alive and then reminds us how the Word of God and his character informs how we experience health conditions and medical complications. She challenges both health care professionals and patients to consider God’s character and hold to him. Health care professionals can gain insight into how to keep the Word of God in the forefront of their minds as they provide care to their patients. She also reminds us of the power of prayer as a tool that God has given us to use daily in the healthcare setting. As a patient, she exhorts those experiencing suffering to remember who God is to hold to faith despite the health outcomes.

I read this book while in the hospital and the way the gospel is illustrated captivated my soul through every prick and suture. As the nurses came in and out of the hospital room to gather more blood, give medication or provide updates, this book helped me keep my eyes on Jesus! I was constantly reminded that he is my strong foundation, the one who sustains my life (and my son’s) and he is faithful – no matter the outcome!

Finally, as a dentist wife who has been immersed in the craziness of medical and dental school. I truly believe this is a book that doctors, dentists, nurses and all health care professionals that profess belief in Christ need to read! This book will help provide you with a framework to approach patients with a Christ-centered approach, praying continuously, and being light in a dark circumstance.

I highly recommend this book, and believe it will allow you to have an appropriate view of suffering through the Biblical worldview, who God is and what Jesus did for us on the cross!! Worth the read!!

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Glimmers of Grace by Kathryn Butler, MD ©2021. 

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