Review: Everyday Faithfulness

In 2020, when COVID-19 permeates our world and day to day, how does perseverance look like? How can we continue to grow in fellowship with one another? Grow in our faith? Be filled with joy? How do we not lose hope? How do we stay rooted and firm? How do we look back in this season and rejoice that it was not time (quarantine) wasted?

Through everyday faithfulness.

But, everyday faithfulness is hard. So how do we achieve this? Through prayer, fellowship with other believers, corporate worship and daily reading of the Word of God! As Christians, we know these disciplines should be part of our lives but in the middle of the demands of every day we get lost.

Through her book, Everyday Faithfulness, Glenna takes us through a journey of grace and discipline. Seeking to come to rejoice in His presence daily and with the understanding that we are able to grow in faithfulness, slowly but surely, because of the grace God provides us.

In this season of broken routines, unpredictable schedules and uncertainty this book will lead you to the foot of the cross with a humble heart. To seek to delight in God daily, seek fellowship with other believes through whatever means possible, and to be part of a local church (even if still online).

An easy to read book that will renew your desire to know God more and better. It will encourage you to seek to grow in everyday faithfulness to reap the long term benefits of equipping yourself daily through the Word and prayer. It will challenge you to grow in faithfulness while holding steady the truth that it’s because of grace and His calling in our lives that we are able to come to Him! If you are in a dry season, struggling with everything that is happening in the world, have lost your desire for God’s Word, prayer, fellowship and communal worship; this is a great start. Pick up this book and may the God of grace renew you passion for His name and His presence!

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Everyday Faithfulness by Glenna Marshall, ©2020. 

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