Review: Growing Together Melissa Kruger

Through the years, I have found myself in different mentoring roles. Mentoring women to follow Christ, become more like Him, delight in His goodness and apply the practical truths of the gospel to every day life is one of my greatest passions. This mentoring role has looked differently in different seasons. Some times it’s a one-on-one mentorship and other times its with a group of women. Some times these women have been walking with Christ for a long time and other times its alongside women that are new to the faith. Most of the times the question is the same, where do we start?

Growing Together provides a very practical and accessible tool to help us understand why mentoring relationships (discipleship) is crucial for our walk with Jesus; it helps us overcome the barriers to engaging and being vulnerable in these relationships; and lastly it takes us through crucial subjects pertaining our faith, walk with God and bearing fruit. The topics that are covered vary from the importance and relevance of the Word of God; the centrality of prayer in our lives; the role the church plays and we play in the church; how to use our gifts for the glory of God through serving; fighting temptation; navigating relationship and finding contentment in life. Each of these topics will teach you, remind you, encourage you and challenge you to be more like Jesus.

The other thing I loved about the book is that you are able to use it as a conversation guide for new believers and more mature Christians. We all need to be reminded of the principles covered in this book. And we will all benefit from having other woman in our life to cover these subjects, and walk this journey of faith with us. At the end, none of us have arrived yet.

Finally, the discussion questions are great! These are not just superficial, small talk, and overview discussion questions. The discussion questions will both have you individually dig deep to examine your own life, understanding of God, perception of life and struggles; and will facilitate a conversation to lead us to love each other, understand each other, and most importantly show each other grace as we look together to Jesus, our rock and Savior.

Growing Together is a super practical, helpful and a great book to start discipling in our walks and journeys to become like Jesus! This is a book that you can use with new and season believers and will help you review the importance of prayer, sharing your faith, fellowship, managing relationships, fighting temptations and the living Word of God. If you are looking to start a mentorship relationship with new believers or with some friends, this is the book you need to pick up.

This book review is possible by Crossway. Crossway provided me with a review copy of this book. Content taken from Growing Together by Melissa Kruger, ©2020. 

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